Auburn city School Budget Proposal

By September 7, 2017News

Auburn City Schools is projected to have a balance of $14,430,139 in its general fund at the end of the upcoming fiscal year, representing just over two months’ worth of operating expenses. Local boards of education are required by act of the Alabama State Legislature to develop a plan to establish & maintain a minimum reserve fund equal to at least one month’s operating expenses, documents provided by the school board explain. Director of finance Liz Springer presented the budget to members of the Auburn Board of Education at two public hearings earlier this week. The school system projects paying the salaries of 168 employees, with student enrollment at 1,804. According to its 2016-2017 budget, Auburn City Schools created eight new jobs. With the opening of the new high school, that number increased to 28 for the 2017-2018 academic year. In 2015, the U.S. Dept. of Education awarded Auburn City Schools with the Secondary School Counseling Grant. That grant provides $845,562 over a three-year period, so the school system will still be able to use that in the upcoming year. All the numbers and details are available on the O/A News website. The board will vote whether to accept the proposed budget at its regularly scheduled meeting next Tuesday, Sept. 12th,@ 6 p.m., in the multi-media room at Auburn Junior High School. 

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