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Equestrian Celebration!

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The Auburn national champion equestrian team will be honored with a celebration at Toomer’s Corner  Tuesday at 5:15 p.m.  Fans are encouraged to join the team as they celebrate by rolling the trees surrounding Toomer’s Corner. Toilet paper will fly following a presentation from head coach Greg Williams, athletic director Allen Greene, and members of the team. The squad along with the coaches and the Auburn spirit squad will be in attendance. Fans are also encouraged to bring their own rolls to throw. In addition to the national championship, the Auburn squad brought home four additional trophies from Waco.

Church & Pastor Spotlight

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Tom Tippett joined “Auburn/Opelika This Morning’s” Church & Pastor Spotlight to talk about how the church is reaching out to Opelika & Lee Co. residents to uplift those who find themselves in a “Cycle of Poverty”. Mr. Tippett talked about how helping these families find work is the beginning of, at the very least, reducing the high level of poverty in Lee Co. which currently is about 18% of the population.

Arbor Springs

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Mark Traylor spent time on “Auburn/Opelika This Morning” Friday April 20th to bring you up to date on what’s happening at Arbor Springs Health and Rehab. Mark said the recent remodeling has had a dramatic effect on the look of Arbor Springs and how thankful he is for the incredible staff who have been with Arbor Springs and Rehab for many years and how their care for Mom’s and Dad’s of residents of Auburn/Opelika is their calling…

Anna Hovey-Auburn Chamber

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Anna, who is the Director of Business Development & Special Events joined “Auburn/Opelika This Morning” 4/20 and had a long list of events coming to the Auburn area in the next few weeks, including details on the Chamber’s “Customer Service Crown” awarded to remarkable service Auburn citizens say they’ve received from area businesses. Nominations are open now on the Chamber’s website. Also, Anna talked about Young Professionals upcoming “Happy Helping Hour” to benefit East Alabama Food Bank, plus a lot more…

Auburn High School Walk-Out

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This morning Auburn High School will join schools throughout the nation in the National School Walkout movement to protest inaction from the government against gun violence.  Students throughout the country will walk out of their classrooms in honor of the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. They will then take 13 seconds of silence to honor the 12 students and one teacher killed at Columbine. There are more than 2,100 walkouts planned, at least 1 in every state. This walkout will mark the 2nd in which Auburn High School has participated. The March 14th walkout, held 1 month after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, lasted for 17 minutes, 1 min for each of the 17 lives lost. The website, says the protest has 3 goals: to hold elected officials accountable, to promote solutions to gun violence and to demystify & engage students in the political system.