Hurtsboro Shooter Arrested

By March 8, 2018News

The owner of City Grill Café was fatally shot, and 3 other people injured, when a gunman opened fire in a Hurtsboro restaurant Wednesday morning. Don Hughes was killed when a man, armed with a .22 long rifle, entered the restaurant and started shooting. About eight to 10 patrons were eating breakfast in the restaurant at 5:30 Central, when the shooting occurred. “The offender walked in, yelled out a name, and at that point, started firing off rounds,”. Hughes, whose family opened the restaurant in the early 1950s, was killed in the shooting. Injured in the attack were 3 other Hurtsboro men, All 3 were treated for gunshot wounds. The Russell County Sheriff’s Office has, identified the shooter as Walter Frank Thomas, 64, of Hurtsboro.  Thomas was arrested and charged with murder and 3 counts of attempted murder.

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