Are you tired of exposing your retirement to stock market risk?  How would you like to participate in stock market gains, but never stock market losses?

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Hense R. Ellis II (“Hense” or “H.R.”) entered the investment advisory and financial planning business as a long-time investor.  He thus comes to clients as a former client. In 1981, at age 20, he purchased his first stock while still a college student. In 1996, he became an Assistant Attorney General, and, at the passing of his father, he assumed management of substantial family assets in conjunction with multiple advisors.  Not one of the advisors informed Hense that an ingenious new investment choice was created the year his father died. Then, two crashes struck world markets and economies: the tech crash of 2000 and the housing crash of 2007-2009. Over the two crashes, the new alternative would have prevented hundreds of thousands in losses to the family accounts. Hense will make sure you not only know about this option, but that you understand what it can do for you, and which version of it best suits your needs.

Hense is highly competent to advise you. Not only does he have 37+ years investing experience and 15+ years managing family assets, he holds an MBA in Finance from the top-tier University of Texas School of Business and a J.D. with a Tax Concentration from the University of Alabama. His undergrad major was Economics, and he took Intermediate Macroeconomics at the renowned University of Chicago. His minor was in Political Science, and he both understands and laments the influence of politics on economics. He earned his investment advisor and insurance/annuity licenses in 2014 and posted exceptionally high scores on all related exams.

His financial plans are free; his advisory fees are low (as is his risk mindset), and his manner is humble. Call him at 850-533-9887 for a confidential discussion about your family’s financial future.