Verdict Announced

By March 9, 2018News

The jury deliberated only 30 min & returned a guilty verdict Thursday against Cordera Benjamin Calloway for the 2015 murder of Cordera Johnson. Calloway faces 20 years to life for the murder conviction. Colloway’s attorney, Lauryn Lauderdale, said the defense plans to file an appeal in the case. Johnson, then 26, was fatally shot at his Ski Lodge Apartment, in Opelika May 10th, 2015. Leading up to the incident, Calloway and Johnson were allegedly in conflict over a female. The two were involved in an altercation at a different location in Opelika the day of the murder. Calloway told police he was at his residence, on Oak Bowery Road in Opelika, at the time of the murder. Despite not having certain types of evidence – such as finger prints, DNA, eye witnesses or a murder weapon – District Attorney Brandon Hughes said investigators were able to use cellphone tower pings to determine Calloway’s location during the events leading up to and during the time of the shooting. Testimony from two witnesses were key points during the trial, Allegedly Calloway confessed to the woman the two men were arguing over as well as a coworker within a day following the crime.

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