AUBURN, Ala.- The first City of Auburn Citizen Survey was conducted more than 30 years ago to gauge how residents feel about City services, how the City operates and what the City should work on. The Citizen Survey has been a regular part of the City’s planning processes ever since, providing trend data that helps measure where certain areas have improved or where attention may be needed. All this feedback and data informs budget priorities and shapes policy decisions.

In the past, the survey was an annual initiative. Beginning with the 2018 survey, the survey is now sent out every other year to better align with the City’s two-year budget. The 2020 Citizen Survey will be mailed in January to a random selection of Auburn residents. To ensure the survey results are statistically valid, the survey is conducted according to best practices by ETC Institute, a leading firm in the citizen survey field. ETC Institute will follow up on these mailings by email to encourage participation.

If you are one of this year’s recipients, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey and return it in the included, postage-paid envelope, or complete the survey online at the link provided. To ensure statistical validity, online participants will be required to enter their address to verify that they are a part of the random sample counted in the study. If you’ve participated in the survey before, some questions will seem familiar, reflecting core questions that stand the test of time and provide valuable trend data. You will also see new questions designed to gather your thoughts on current initiatives. The feedback you give us is vital.

The survey is completely confidential. Data is only reported to the City by census block. The City will not receive any name or address information. To see past Annual Citizen Survey results, visit

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